Tuesday, November 6, 2012

fall family to do list

I'm a to do list kinda gal! So why not a fall to do list for the family? Of course, Addelyn helped make it. (And our roomie Lindsey and friend Natalie were there too, helping with the list.) Then we even had fun typing it up and finding pictures (which Addelyn picked out herself). We are getting through most of our list! Fun times for us this fall. More than that, great memories made!

Nonnie Kathy came to visit and they painted a pumpkin.

Gotta love raking! We had some warm days this fall and we had a great time out in the leaves. Some raking, lots of jumping!

Addelyn made moon sand with our roomie Lindsey. She had a blast with it.

Caramel apples- yum! Addelyn took these over to Ilene's house and shared them with her past daycare buddies.

Veridian Credit Union has a free farm day at Heritage Farms in Hudson. I decided last minute to run out there with the kids. We went on a hayride, Addelyn rode a pony, and the kids played in a corn box. It was a fun afternoon for us.

The cold fall nights means it was time to get out the footie pjs!

Our sweet friend Aquayla has hung out with us a number of times this fall. Here is one fun night where Addelyn and Aqualya were doing sit ups. We even got a picture of Lindsey and Aquayla and the kids.

More leaf raking? Yes, I think raking leaves is the most pointless, never ending job. But I guess it has to happen? Good thing our kids can help now ha ha.

Jace had many moments where he was carried and dropped into the leaves. Poor buddy. Some day Addelyn will pay for these moments!

More fall pics to come.....Gotta check off everything on the list, of course!

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