Friday, November 30, 2012

the "first" fieldtrip

During October, Addelyn had her first fieldtrip to Caelor's farm (the sweet little boy sitting by the window). Addelyn loved riding the bus with her buddies. I also got to go along, which was so much fun.

Addelyn and her buddy Austin. Rumor has it, they like to sit together at preschool. They got to paint pumpkins at the farm. Addelyn loves her crafts!

A sweet pic of Jess and her little man!

This is Addelyn's wonderful teacher, Mrs. Knapp. We absolutely love her- 
she is an amazing woman and teacher!

At the farm, they got to see cows, chickens, and horses. Fun times! 

Addelyn even got to feed the horse- she thought that was pretty special. What a fun first field trip! 

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