Thursday, November 29, 2012

some of the greats

This fall we got to spend some time with some of the great grandparents. It is pretty amazing, my kids are getting to know four of their great grandparents- my two grandmas and Mark's two grandpas. Addelyn did get to meet my Grandpa Kramer during her first year of life and Mark's Grandma Dean (Hoskinson)- for that I'm thankful. During this fall's visits- of course- I ended up not getting pics with everyone, dang it. Goal for December- take pictures when with the fam!!!

Here my Grandma Stewart (my mom's mom) is showing the kids her tape player. They were very entertained and she was a good sport while they messed with things and pushed buttons.

This is a great pic of Grandpa Dean (Dar's dad) with the kiddos. We love our very special grandparents!

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