Sunday, November 4, 2012

Heaven in Her Arms by Catherine Hickem

This is one of the better "momma" books I have read in a long time. Catherine Hickem's "Heaven in Her Arms," was a great read. In my faith, I haven't often thought about Mary and her role as Jesus' mother and how I can learn from her. That is exactly the focus of this book. Each chapter spent time on what Mary "knew." A few examples- Mary knew she could ask God questions, Mary knew to be there when things got tough, and Mary knew she would have to let her son fulfill his purpose. Each chapter challenged and encouraged me in my parenting right now and more than that, my faith right now.
"My children have been my greatest teachers," she wrote. I have been in the midst of that, as I feel as if I have learned more in the past four years as a mom than I have at any other time in my life.
Hickem also wrote about legacy. "All of us will leave an imprint on those we leave behind. The question is simply, what will it be?" I love these challenges and deep thoughts that encourage me to be living intentionally today as a mom. She wrote of "pondering" and how Mary spent a great deal of time doing this intentional thinking and praying to God. Hickem challenged us as mothers to take time to think deeply through our lives and the lives of our family and not to overlook the deep themes of God's movement in our lives.
Mary faced the loss of her Son Jesus with faithfulness, as I was reminded by this book. "When Mary faces her most difficult moment as a mother, she is found present and faithful to her child. Most important, she is found faithful to God, the Father." wrote Hickem.
I could sit and write quotes from this book all night, as there are many words of wisdom that I grabbed ahold of. This is a book I would definitely suggest to any mom looking for a word of encouragement today. Could be a great one to read during Advent season!

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This sounds really good...may need to borrow or get from library!!!