Sunday, November 11, 2012

months fly by....

Since I am finding the months flying by, I realized I never posted our 16 month pictures and Jace is officially 17 months. I could give up on the monthly pics but I do love the chance to look back at how much they change in these first two years during each month. SOMEDAY I will appreciate the time I took to do this!

Addelyn helped and wrote the 17 month sheet! That big sis is learning how to write, woo hoo!

Jace at 16-17 months, yes it all runs together:
*Has 16 teeth and is possibly getting more molars, cripes! 
*Still nursing morning and night. 
*Not a big eater but we are working on changing our goals. Throwing manners and caring about mess out the door. Letting this boy play with whatever food he wants, in any way- as long as he'll touch it! It is good!
*Climber boy- he is found standing in the middle of our kitchen table numerous times a day. Aggh.
*Loves "melmo" (Elmo). Carries him around the house a lot and often wakes up in the morning and goes to bed at night, asking for Melmo!
*Loves tractors and trucks and legos.
*Loves his Mama and Dada....says our names a lot. Also starting to say other words- in the right context. Saying "no." Of course, his fave- ball!
*Cuddle bug. I always complained because at 3 months of life- Addelyn was done cuddling. And now I have a cuddler! This boy will come over just to give me a sweet hug and put his head on my shoulder for a minute- then goes back to playing. I LOVE IT! 
*He has the sweetest and most tender little heart. Today Addelyn was crying about something and he came in and put his head down and cried next to her- and put arms around her. What a sweet boy.
*Entertains himself so much! Sometimes I feel guilty because he doesn't get my attention as much because Addelyn seems to demand it more. He is just so content though- playing with toys, looking at books, and doing his own thing. 
We love our little Jacer man!

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