Thursday, January 17, 2013

5 year old guest blogger

Today I have a helper working on this blog post. It is a special five year old girl who had a fun birthday party in December that we haven't blogged about yet. So here we go, in Addelyn's words:

"I like those cupcakes. Doc McStuffins is on them!"

"I helped make the cupcakes. I like them a lot."

"We went to the Youth Pavilion. I like going there. I liked my friends coming to my birthday party. I would like them to come to my next birthday party."

"We went on a safari. We should go again at my six year old party."

"We rode in the bus. Austin is the driver." 
(Mom here....oh dear, is this what I should picture for our future???)

"Austin, Mom, Avery, and I went on the bus. Mark (my dad) took the picture. He was right there. I don't know where James was."

"I played the piano and Avery is playing the guitar. We were playing a show."

"Austin and James were golfing. Avery and I played under the bridge."

"We ALL built a house. We made rooms- like bedrooms. We played in the house when it was done."

"We went to sleep in the house too."

"We had birthday cupcakes and ate apples and apple juice. I got to open presents. I got some cool stuff like fruit snacks, a baby, and a church bag."

Mom again....What a fun little birthday afternoon for our special five year old girl. Where does time go, I can't believe she is five already! More about the five year old to come soon....

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