Sunday, January 20, 2013

more birthday fun

On this birthday girl's special day, we went to Carlos O'Kellys for dinner. That was her pick! Our roomie at the time, Lindsey, also joined us! 

Jace, didn't sit of course, and ate only chips. Go figure!

We had a family birthday party on Sunday. This little girl picked her own dress (a summer one of course) for the day. She got some very fun gifts from our families. We are very blessed with lots of special people in our family.

A Doc McStuffins doll. I had to put this picture on- this is her embarassed face. So sweet. 

Our special five year old. With another doll. Can you tell what she wanted this year?

A big thanks to my mom for bringing the awesome Doc McStuffins cake! Being the weekend of her birthday also included three other events (weddings/parties/etc)- I was smart and admitted I couldn't make the cake! Saved my sanity!!!

Singing happy birthday! Gone are the days when she runs and hides!

The "You are Special" plate for our kid's birthdays. Thanks to my friend Jess for getting us this plate and getting us started on a fun tradition. We actually started it this year (I just found the plate, it was lost in our move a few years ago!!)

Some of our special family eating together! What a wonderful time to get together and celebrate our sweet little five year old!

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