Thursday, January 3, 2013

the unicorn

Sometimes there are stories you just can't forget! So here is my attempt to remember one:

The other day Addelyn was introducing her new Dream Lite (yes, we were bombarded with the commercials for the last few months and yes, we succumbed to the pressure from our four turning five year old and bought her one for her birthday) to her old buddy, the unicorn pillow pet.

"This is Jace (her new dog Dream Lite). Jace, meet my friend Horny!" (as she points to her unicorn)

I was in the room and of course, acting like a junior high boy- broke into a fit of laughter. Don't worry, I told her I was laughing about something Mark said at dinner and she never thought anything of it. I believe Horny has already found a new name- it changes daily!

This girl never ceases to make me laugh!

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Hannah Joy said...

That literallymade me snort. Too funny!