Wednesday, January 30, 2013

quiet time

My little miss doesn't take naps anymore so this momma has to get creative during quiet times. Feel free to pass good ideas my way! Please:)

Pulling out some youth ministry training tricks as quiet time options!

Potato stamping. The painter did a great job. The carver, not so impressive! By the way, she is wearing my paint shirt from kindergarten. How fun is that?

Grandma Stewart stopped during a quiet time and helped us do our gingerbread house (yes, this was after Christmas). Better late than never!

A gingerbread house MUST have stick people inside!

The gingerbread man that was supposed to sit outside the gingerbread house got his head bitten off!

The finished project was lovely. Except that my children kept eating candy off of it every day until I finally put it in the garbage!

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