Thursday, January 3, 2013


As I catch up with my blogging from the past few months, here is one of my fun Saturday end of November memories! Decorating for Christmas! Love it. We put up our tree, hang all of our homemade, funny, junky ornaments that I LOVE, and listen to Christmas music (Alli Rogers and Amy Grant of course!) In the past this tradition always included a glass of wine for me- however, I think that noon on a Saturday is probably pushing it for that part of the tradition! Ha!
This year, Addelyn and Jace decided to have a picnic in our Christmas tree box during a break in decorating.

Addelyn helped hang the ornaments this year. Any ones that started toward the bottom of our tree were moved to the top half by Christmas because Jace has an obsession with throwing "balls!"

This is my most favorite nativity set. I love watching my kiddos play with it and also have to smile when I find baby Jesus floating around in random places of our home.

This year, Jace also tried to play with Mommy's nativity. One poor sheep lost his ear!

My sweet boy playing with his nativity set and resting too. All of that decorating wore a boy out!

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