Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Decorating

I love decorating for Christmas. Well, not really the act of it but I love the tradition of it. Having my family do it together while listening to Christmas tunes. And usually my glass of wine- but not this year!

Jace was a little out of control. So we kept trying to keep him occupied while we did the real decorating!

Here is Jace with his stash of ornaments. He didn't want these on the tree because he wanted to play with them. So I followed my friend Becky's idea and made a kid table- and that worked great. The kids played with the specific non-breakable ornaments all month and for the most part- he stayed away from the ones on the tree.

The Fisher Price nativity- a huge hit every year! I found baby Jesus in the weirdest spots around my house this season though. One day he was tucked in the corner of the bathroom, covered in toilet paper, like a blanket (with his face peaking out.) Gotta love it.

Kid table! This is a new Christmas tradition. Next year- I'm going to get a mini tree to put on the table and really make it more fun for them.

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