Wednesday, January 1, 2014

our Christmas traditions

I love our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day traditions- each year that goes by with kids- it gets more fun. Christmas Eve- we spent a chunk of the afternoon/evening at church- both serving together (at this stage of life- it is in the nursery so we can be with our kiddos), and then going to Candle Light Service. This year- Addelyn sat well through the service for the first time and I loved how she looked up at me after we sang Silent Night while holding our candles, and whispered..."This is the best part of Christmas."

We come home and the kids each open one gift (which is their matching pjs). They get pjs on, we make a bed on the floor, we have popcorn, and we read the Christmas Story together. Then after that- we watch a fun new movie- this year Despicable Me 2.

I love these two goofballs!

Christmas morning we get up and open gifts together as a family. After opening, we have a fun breakfast (something tasty like cinnamon rolls) and then spend the day at home together. We don't change out of our pjs- we don't have an agenda- and we just play and enjoy our time together! 

We even got to play out in the snow this year after gift opening- we got sleds so of course we had to! It was a such a wonderful Christmas time. I love these special people.

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