Thursday, January 23, 2014

kid birthday party

We had to cancel Addelyn's 6th birthday party with her friends because Jace had a touch of the flu. With the holidays, we didn't get rescheduled until after the new year. Addelyn's theme was a book party. We read "When You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and decorated our cookies. It was fun to listen to the kiddos talk as they decorated. 

Even more fun was to see the final products. Yikes. Sprinkle overload!

Then we decorated pizzas to bake. Gotta love Mini Murphs!

Then they had some time to play freely- I think they could have done this all night. 
Legos, babies, all sorts of happenings!

We read Cat in the Hat and had special Cat in the Hat fruit kabobs.

 We also read all of the favorite books that Addeyn's friends brought along. They all listened so attentively while they ate! I was surprised- I wasn't sure how the reading would go over and it was great! It was fun to see the different stories they brought.

Until little brother showed up and tried to get everyone's attention by dancing and dressing up. Of course, they all thought he was the "funny guy!"

Addelyn got some fun presents from her friends. So sweet.

Then it was Twister time! They had a blast. 

Jace kept walking around and getting in everyone's way.

At one point, he got on Avery's back and tried to hug her. That kid, oh little brothers!

Austin was quite dedicated to this game. He was bound and determined he would win.

He did!!! He was so proud!

We ended the night with a dance party which was a blast! The kids loved it. I of course didn't get pictures of this part but I did get some great videos of the kiddos dancing. What a great group of kids. Addelyn had a blast at her 6th birthday party.

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Becky Bartlett said...

Fun!! Love the book idea!!