Wednesday, January 1, 2014

our 6 year old

Sometimes it is so hard for me to believe that I have a six year old. A child that is in school. What? It doesn't seem possible. Yet the years are quickly going by- I believe everyone that says you blink and they are over. So I'm trying to enjoy each day with my sweet firstborn girl. She is a beautiful, funny little girl. I love her so much! A few things about her at age six: She loves:
 babies- dolls and the real thing, changing outfits (at least 3 a day), telling stories (tonight we heard her whole labor story about her twin babies that she had yesterday), her brother Jace- they play together really well- most of the time and she is his big protector, sweets (oh this girl has a sweet tooth!), reading, any kind of art (she draws and crafts all the time!), adult interaction- she isn't much for entertaining herself- maybe that is firstborn status?, kitties (at Papa Marvin's house), and knowing what is going on (she always is listening to what Mark and I are talking about and is asking 500 questions!). She is sweet hearted- can be very sensitive about things. At the same time, she is can be blunt and opinionated. She is strong willed, oh my, so strong willed. I have noticed a growth in her maturity in the past couple of months. I am thankful for the gift of Addelyn that God has given us. It will be fun to watch her with two little brothers in the upcoming days. 
We had a fun birthday celebration this year.

First of all, we had a night out for dinner. This girl loves to eat out at restaurants- a girl after my own heart! Carlos O'Kelly's was her choice again this year, again her Momma's girl. Jace was a wild man (he is no fun at restaurants these days) but we still had a blast. We love food before food!

I got to visit Addelyn at school on her birthday and eat a special lunch with her. I brought her Jimmy Johns which she thought was super cool! Usually when I come we both eat cold lunch so this was a treat!

She also loved the fact that Cedar Heights put her birthday on the sign out front. 
We had to drive by twice to see it!

Mark took off early on her birthday and we went to a movie- Frozen- just the three of us. The best part- the theater was empty except for our family. We told Addelyn we rented the theater just for her, ha!

I love this early morning pic (6 am baby, my kiddos are early risers!) on the day of her birthday. Jace and I sang happy birthday to her and she had a special doughnut waiting on her "You are Special" birthday plate.

Jace got a little sick the day before Addelyn's friend birthday party so we postponed that until January. We had a birthday party with family over the weekend. Here are some pictures. Of course, Jace wanted to help her open presents.

She picked out a very special party dress to wear.

She was super excited to get clothes. This girl loves her fashion.

She picked a special cake out- a baby girl cake. This girl also loves her babies. 

Addelyn's Great Grandmas- Mick and Lois. They are special women! So glad they get to be in her life.

Cousin Lily lives close now! Woohoo! It makes getting together for celebrations and stuff much easier. What a fun birthday for my six year old girl. We love you Miss Addelyn!


The Schilling's said...

I know this sounds super cheesy but I teared up just thinking about how old Addelyn is. I remember our long convos during your pregnancy and how the super important things to you at the time are exactly opposite of how she is now. It just amazes me! You guys have a beautiful family & i'm just so thankful to know you! WOW! SIX years old!

The Schilling's said...

I know this sounds so cheesy but I just cannot believe how time has gone by. I still remember our long convos while you were pregnant with her and it so funny how things change around. You are such an awesome mommy and I'm so glad to know you. What a beautiful family & I'm so excited for you both in adding another BOY!! (p.s. Matt's jealous!)
Miss you friend!