Wednesday, January 1, 2014

december happenings

The month of December was full for our family. 

We tried out our new favorite coffee shop (numerous times!) Sidecar Coffee Shop. If you haven't been there- you need to check it out. It is on College Hill. If you aren't a coffee drinker- they have awesome chai tea and hot chocolate. And lunch. And treats. Okay, so you can pretty much find anything you'd like there!

We helped out with Christmas Craft Fair at the Boys and Girls Club. Orchard puts it on each year and we have a great time.  To understand more about the mission behind the Craft Fair and Christmas Store- you need to read my friend Laura's blog post.  It explains the heart and passion behind it.
This year Addelyn was much more comfortable being there the whole time, in the past she has just been young enough that she would get antsy halfway through. She hung out with our friends Kilra and Aquayla and Anna and crafted away. It is such a fun time of serving and hanging out with friends and getting to know others from Walnut neighborhood and our partner church, Harvest. 

We played in the snow!

We made a gingerbread house. One that we had to put on a top shelf because Mr. Jacers wanted to eat it, day and night.

We made lots of Easy Bake Oven treats. All I can say is nasty! Addelyn loved it though.

Our friend Doug Tensen taught us to stick things up our nose one day. So Jace spent the month putting lots of random things up his nose- noodles, crayons, etc! No ER visits, yet....

Our sweet little cousin Tenley Jane was born to Mark's brother Matt and wife Nicole. We can't wait to actually meet her soon. 

We spent time bonding with our sweet little cousin Lily. We just love her!

Look at big cousin Jace- he looks dangerous, doesn't he? 

Jace ate lots of noodles. Plain noodles- any shape or size. It is what he loves right now. I'd say we are going through a phase.

The kids did lots of drawing and coloring. Some of Jace's ended up on walls or shelves if I wasn't looking.

Dress up! There is always time for dress up!

I spent some time helping my sis pack. Jill and Levi moved this month, by Eldora. It is nice to have them closer. They are living there short term until they figure out where they are moving but I'm hoping it is even closer to us!

More Lily bonding time.

Yes, I fell asleep while playing with Lily. No worries, my sister was home- just packing in the other room. She of course loved taking this picture of us. This momma can't help it- she is just plain tired!

December was a great month. Of course Addelyn's birthday and Christmas celebration posts get their own attention and are yet to come!

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