Tuesday, May 1, 2012

sweet and sensitive

I often blog stories that show the sassy, funny, and sometimes sneaky antics of Addelyn. But I don't want to forget to document another side of my little girl that we often see- her caring, sweet, and sensitive heart. Addelyn was born a nurturer. She loves to pretend to rock, hold, nurse, and care for her babies all the time. I love watching when this side comes out with Jacers too. She loves on him a lot- he just doesn't always understand how loving she is trying to be right now! This girl also worries/cares a lot when others are in pain. She has gotten upset a number of times when Jace cries, or if Mark or I stub our toes or something- she gets really worried. She tells me how much she loves me often- even out of the blue during dinner at times. It melts my heart. And as much as she wasn't our cuddly baby when she was small- she now really loves to cuddle up next to me or Mark. I love our reading time together during the day or before bed when she cuddles right up by me. Also, at night- one of us lays with her before she goes to sleep and it is my favorite time to hear stories from her, where she asks the sweetest questions, or just cuddles with us until she falls asleep. She also really cares for her friends and family and loves to do special things for them like make pictures or bring them treats. Addelyn Nicole, you are a very special little girl.

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Jess (& boys) said...

awww, your natural nurturer is going to be one awesome mommy some day!!! Or maybe she can take over Kim's practice? :)