Tuesday, May 1, 2012

easter 2012

Holy week was very a special time this year as I was so thankful to be home more than I ever have been and got to have quality time with my kids as we focused on what the week was about. Here are some pics of fun moments, like egg hunts!

Dar and Kathy were up the weekend before Easter so Addelyn and Dar decorated our front tree (I can't take the credit for it!) Addelyn also got to have a fun little egg hunt in our backyard too.

Loving all the candy and other fun goodies.

 Our sweet little bunny, Jacers

 Beautifully decorated eggs

 Easter morning- we don't really celebrate the Easter bunny but talk about how things are made "new" and we get to have a few new things. Jacers, your new things include toys from your pile and new diapers. Sorry buddy but you don't know the difference. We also made Resurrection Rolls again this year. Note to self:  If the marshmallow isn't completely wrapped up in the crescent roll- it does not disappear (the marshmallow is supposed to represent Jesus and the crescent roll the tomb.) So after baking them, you should find that Jesus is not in the tomb, too bad this year, he was still there:) It was good teachable moment where some quick thinking led us to the fact that Jesus left the clothes he was wrapped in there so that is why there was some white left in the tomb!

 Already coloring, this girl could color night and day!!!

 After church, we headed for Easter dinner at Jen and Trav's house. We had an Easter egg hunt there too. The kids had a blast.

 The "big kids" got to find eggs too.

 Addelyn and Autumn LOVE to play together!

 Ohh the fun. A pinata too. I think Aunt Jiller ended up being the one to break it though!

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