Friday, May 11, 2012

funny guy

 I'm pretty sure our eleven month old has a great sense of humor. It seems like he always knows just the right time to be goofy and try to make people laugh. This display of pics shows a glimpse of his antics lately. How can you not laugh at the faces he makes? The squinting, the wide eyes, and then the giggles. I LOVE this stage!

P.S. In case you wonder what he is chewing on, it is the easiest, cheapest, homemade teething biscuit ever!


Becky Bartlett said...

RECIPE PLEASE!!! Don't tease me like that! :)

Manfulls said...

I love the squinting eyes picture, so funny! I am so going to make those teething biscuits, super easy just what I like, thanks:)

Jess (& boys) said...

Love his faces!! Funny man!! and I also use those "bread roll-ups" as we call them here :) Too easy! Love it.