Monday, May 21, 2012

eleven months

How does time fly by so quickly! I was thinking about a year ago, how my body was getting to the point of being a BIG momma, wanting a little baby to come out!!! And now it won't be long and we'll celebrate this little guy's first birthday. What a great year. I will say adding another kiddo to our family has been awesome. If every kid is this easy, I would take a few more! (I will get in trouble for this post when Mark reads it, guaranteed ha ha!) Here are some fun pictures of our eleven month old Jacers.

We definitely have some business in the front, party in the back action going on.

This boy loves the dishwasher. Can't leave the door open longer than a minute or two, otherwise, he is climbing inside and pulling out dishes!

Mark often mows right after work, at the same time I am trying to get supper ready and the same time of day where Jace wants more attention than usual. It is perfect, he loves to ride with Mark and help him mow!

Trying to take a picture of an eleven month old's face is so difficult! Of course, he is always chewing on something. We are outside a lot these days so I promise you he has already eaten way too much dirt this spring (or sticks, maybe some small rocks- we really have to watch him!) At one point, a few months ago, I thought he was teething but so far- just his eight teeth and nothing more yet. Just a lot of drooling and chewing.

This boy will not smile for the camera. He goes into a blank stare mode if he is really checking things out. So whenever we are in public places or if there is a lot going on around him, he often has this look on his face. 

Of course, always pushing the Directv buttons or the DVD. He has recorded so many random shows on our DVR!

Little man on the go!

Am I mean, I love the crying pictures!? This was when I took away something he was chewing on, he was fine a minute later.

He is mastering the sippy cup with water or breast milk in it (or prune juice on those much needed days.)

Other important things I want to remember at eleven months:
*Starting to eat food a little better. At least a little more finger food. Of course, loves his cheerios. Fruit- he likes. Veggies- not so much. The other night, I gave him a little roast. He gobbled that down. Oh dear, do we have a little meat and potato boy on our hands? I will not give up though- veggies every day! Last night he sucked on a piece of asparagus which was a complete surprise. Usually he smells the food, then closes his eyes and shakes his head if he won't eat it.
*Said "Mama" this month! No "Dada" yet. Says "uh oh" a lot. When asked what sound a duck makes- he quacks. Otherwise, just lots of babbles. He is signing "more" which he uses for about everything- if he wants to be picked up- he'll sign more, same for if he wants to nurse- he will climb up to me and push at my shirt- signing more. I love that he can kind of communicate!
*Still two naps a day and sleeping all night, thank you buddy. 
*He is a little lover (I love his cuddles) but is also on the go! Non stop moving. Kicking his legs, moving his arms, crawling, pulling up on things, walking along things or with his walker in front of him. I wouldn't be surprised if he is walking soon!
Little Jacer boy- we love you!

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