Wednesday, July 18, 2012

13 months old

Can't believe how time flies! I'm behind on the blogging but want to make sure I remember some of these important milestones for my Jacer boy.
Jace at 13 months:
*Between 12-13 months he started to walk. The waddle/zombie walk. Now he runs. Watch out world!
*Still nursing- loves that. Food, not so much. He has his random moments where he'll eat but you just never know.
*Loves cars. Pushes his little cars around the house all day long.
*Balls (or anything he gets ahold of)- he throws! Watch out, it hurts.
*Knows Mama, Dada, and Sister/Addelyn- when we say one of our names he knows exactly who we are talking about.
*Gives kisses- big, open mouth ones. Also blows kisses when he feels like it!
*Doesn't say much- a lot of jabbering and sometimes things that sound like words. Mama and Dada sometimes.
*LOVE this boy's laugh. And that toothy grin. We see it often.
*Into everything! We need to baby-proof our cupboards. He is opening cupboards, pulling stuff out, playing in the toilet, up the stairs- he is everywhere. Discovers new things that Mom hasn't babyproofed daily.
*Naps- still taking two good naps a day (most of the time!)
We love our Jacer boy!

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