Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sturgis Falls Celebration

Being that Mark and I aren't from Cedar Falls, we didn't realize the LOVE of the Sturgis Falls Celebration that goes on each summer here until we really got connected in the community and realized how many people love this fun celebration. So in our own way, our family has grown to love it too. (Okay, Mark is still working on finding this love- but Addelyn and I (and soon enough Jace) are there!) This year, we did the kiddie parade for the first time. We really had no idea what it was all about but we showed up (along with our friends and their girlie- Avery) and the girls both wore their fun princess outfits. We hung out while Mayor Crews "judged" the outfits and then the kids walked in the parade. They weren't really sure about the whole deal at first as you can see by their faces but as the parade went on- they started waving at people and had fun. It was a short little parade route and at the end- freezie pops and a bag of goodies.

Jace= not too excited about the kiddie parade

Our sweet parade girls

After the parade, with Addelyn's friend Payton

My favorite part of the weekend- sitting in the park, relaxing in the shade- listening to music and eating good food. The problem is- my husband really doesn't enjoy sitting outside in the heat and doesn't like to eat outside when he is sweating (yes, doesn't he sound a bit difficult!?) He did it this year- and with a smile on his face (for the most part!)

Our friend Aquayla came along too.

Saturday morning we enjoyed the parade. The last few years it has been terribly hot and sunny. This year, cloudy but no rain. Even a bit of a breeze. Perfect parade weather! Addelyn and Payton got a few sweet tattoos and even some candy!

Don't forget the cool hat! They did well with the Mardi Gras theme.

On Sunday afternoon, we hit the street fair and kiddie tent. We also got smoothies and doughnuts and listened to more music in the park. We ran into our friends in the kiddie tent and everyone got a balloon animal- Addelyn got a dog with a leash. It was a fun afternoon but soo hot. It was so hot we had to go home and head straight to the pool!
What a fun weekend!

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