Friday, July 20, 2012

summer days, drifting away

I can hardly believe how summer is flying by. It kind of makes me sad. I love summer- although our days are full- there is less of a schedule and more family fun outside. We have been to the pool lots this summer which is why I must post a family pool picture. Notice our friend Jaxon running in the back of our picture. His sweet head or body was in every family pic attempt. Gotta love it!

Sparklers on the Fourth of July. Of course.

Messy smores! Yum. These were microwaved. I wish my husband would be up for a fire pit but that is another discussion or blog post.

Sometimes you need a break from the outside heat - and staying inside and doing playdoh seems like a great option. On this day, Addelyn was the dentist. She was filling some cavities.

Mornings have even been hot- by 9 am- we have been outside, playing in the pool. One day Addelyn and I made "ice bricks." She put food coloring in water in various containers, froze the water, and we took the bricks we made out to the pool. Too bad everything melted pretty quickly on such a hot day. Jace thought it would be fun to eat the ice brick. Go figure. The kid that doesn't ever like to eat. Unless it is something not meant to be eaten!

Gotta love the sunglasses!

Summer smoothies. Yum. We eat them a lot. And this boy actually loves his smoothies- one thing I can get him to eat. So I sneak lots of good stuff in there (whatever is in the fridge- kale, swiss chard, collard greens, berries, apples, bananas, yogert....little does this boy know!) There is something satisfactory about knowing your kids are downing a load of veggies and fruit- and they love it!

Can't forget the kisses. This boy has started giving kisses now and they are big, wet, on the mouth ones. Love 'em! Sorry about all of my swimwear in every pic. Can you tell we don't wear real clothes very often? Oh summer, we love you.

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