Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a new sign

Addelyn talks my ear off while we drive places. i have to work hard to stay attentive to what she is saying. really hard.

the other day, we were on 12th street, going past the funeral home. there were some construction workers out in front of the funeral home, which addelyn of course noticed.

A: "Mom, did you see the construction workers? What were they doing? They were working on something."
Me: (sometimes, I'm not working hard at being attentive, like I said above) "Oh yeah..."
A: "MOM! Did you see the workers, what were they working on?"
Me: (awake, paying attention now) "You are right, they are working hard. It looks like maybe they are putting up a new sign."
A: (in the most matter of fact voice) "Yeah....I think it says, Someone Probably Died."

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Maribeth said...

I woke Darwin up to read him this one! Thanks for the big laugh-- I love that girl of yours!