Wednesday, July 18, 2012

field trip time

Being it is summer time and Ilene's daughter Katie is around- it makes it possible to do some field trips with all of the daycare kiddos. Also, one of Ilene's other daughters, Lisa was home from NYC - so it was a perfect time for a field trip to visit the horses. Even a few moms got to join in, myself included!

Jacers enjoying some Lisa time. Gotta soak up those moments while this girl is home! We just love Lisa and we're excited for her- she is starting school in NYC this fall. She has been out there working and is really finding her fit in the city.

The two babes, checking things out (oh and don't forget, one of our favorite people- Katie!) My kids just love her too. She watched Addelyn when she was a little babe and also was a Caravan nanny (basically hung with Addelyn 24/7 while I was crazy busy in Florida). We love that she gets to hang out with the kids on summer days when she isn't teaching. 

The kids hearing about the saddle from the wonderful owner of the farm

Addelyn and the kids got to brush Charlie, the 30 year old horse.

Everyone got to ride Charlie- including Jacers. He did great!

Addelyn loved her ride too.

Here is the whole crew. What a great group of kiddos.

Jace loves animals. How in the world did I get two animal LOVERS?

What a great time with the horses and all of our sweet friends. Thanks to Ilene for planning such a fun little field trip!

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