Sunday, July 22, 2012

on the go weekend

Every year Mark goes on a "Man Trip" with his friends from high school and college. They are a great group of guys that would do anything for each other. This year, the trip was a little longer than the past and they went out to Colorado. Since Mark was going to be gone for such a good chunk of time (Wed-Sunday night late)- I decided to make a "traveling" weekend out of it. We went and saw some family and the days passed quickly.
We road tripped through Steamboat Rock, hit up some time in Perry, and hung out in Des Moines. It was a full, fun weekend. One of our favorite things we did was go to the Heritage Carousel and Splash Park with my sister Jill. The Carousel ride was only fifty cents and both Addelyn and Jace liked it.

Then we walked over to the Splash Park. On the way there, it was rainy and cool so we didn't even think we'd hit the Splash Park- just the carousel and playground maybe. I never brought along towels or suits. As soon as we got there, it warmed up and the sun came out. So the Splash Park sounded like a good option. I'm kind of a planner and I kind of like life in order. But kids are teaching me sooo much! I'm learning to let go of plans, let go of order, and to let go and let my kids get dirty, muddy, messy, wet, etc! It really feels good.

We started out getting wet, just a little.

 But it felt sooo good.

So much fun to run around- plus we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Yep, fully immersed. Why not?

Having a blast! We could have seriously stayed there for hours. The kids loved it! I honestly think that running around in the water with her clothes on was fun for Addelyn too- rather than in a swimsuit.

So no towels? Well, the best option is stripping your kids down and letting them air dry on the way home! :) What a fun time we had. We'll definitely go back sometime when we are in DSM! Good idea, Aunt Jiller!
I didn't get pics of the rest of the family fun weekend. Some time on the farm with the Kramers, swimming time in DSM and Perry, the Farmer's Market in DSM and even meeting up with friends. It was a great weekend and time quickly passed by with Mark being gone. His trip ended up being great too- by Sunday night, we were all ready to be home!

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