Sunday, February 3, 2013

classic jace look

This is a classic Jace Joseph pose. Only in a diaper, wearing some random hat (that he put on!) and pinching his nipples (I have no idea why, a comfort thing?) This boy makes me smile.

This weekend we pulled out the potties from storage, as I thought they might be nice to have around so he can at least start "noticing them." I walked into the bathroom and Addelyn had completely undressed Jace and he was pooping and peeing on the potty! Cripes, I wasn't ready to potty train. But here we go, he continued to go all weekend so I don't think it was a fluke. And now to figure out potty training a boy. Whole new deal......especially when you have a five year old "helper" that is always up in his business!

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Manfulls said...

Love the hat! Good luck with potty training, that's awesome he's interested! Good thing you've got another lil helper to help ya out:-)