Saturday, August 3, 2013

a glimpse of summer's activities

Our camera broke this summer and before we got a new one, I spent some time on a camera break. So summer includes fewer pictures but we had a great one. Ugh that it seems almost over! Addelyn starts kindergarten in a week and a half. I'm holding tightly onto our summer moments. Here are just a few:

Sturgis Falls Celebration- this is such a fun weekend every year. Being that I'm not a CF hometown girl, it really had to grow on me. And it has! I love going down there, eating junk food, watching the parade, sitting in the park, listening to music. Not gonna lie, that whole sitting in the park, listening to music idea, didn't happen this year with a two year old runner boy. But again someday, right? We were down there a few times throughout the weekend but I only got a few pictures. The first of the Big Wheel Race. We first did the Kiddy Parade and then planned to do the Big Wheel Race and our kiddos both changed their minds. Addelyn has always been too nervous so I wasn't surprised by her decision. Jace is so little, I don't think he understood the concept of the race but he really wanted to do it. Kept talking about it all day before the race. Then by the time it was his turn to go (all the big kids go first), he didn't want to wear his helmet. We had a tantrum and he ended up not doing it. Oh well, another year!

Kiddy parade outfit- Addelyn chose her leotard and carried a baby. She was a "Mom." Everyone wanted to know if that is the type of outfit I wear around the house? 

Her with one of her favorite buddies, Austin.

Another summer activity, chasing our neighbor's chickens. Our neighbor boy got chickens and every day they ended up in our yard. The kids loved it- and spent hours chasing and holding them. 

Yes, this boy loves animals. And chasing them!

A few of my small group gals got married this summer so we hit up some weddings. I like to think we clean up alright once in awhile! It is crazy that these gals are getting married, when did we get so old??

The pool- this summer has been brutal. Rainy, cool, just not a great pool summer. On the hot days (there have been some!) we spent as much time as we could at the pool. Addelyn had swim lessons and somewhere during the never ending weeks of lessons, she became a little fish. Now she is swimming under water, between Mark and I. It is fun to watch her get older and become more confident in the water.

This boy at the pool is another story! No fear, running and jumping into the deep water. Going on the elephant slide. His only fear, the bucket. My fear at the pool this summer- keeping this kid's head above water. Maybe it was a blessing that we haven't been able to be there as much as we'd like. I'm hoping next summer will be easier at the pool, at least he may be a better listener by then:)

This summer we also threw a fun baby shower for my sis. I'm excited- her and her hubby are expecting any day now. The shower was fun, I loved the chance to spoil her and focus on this little baby girl coming soon.
Oh summer days, please don't end!

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