Saturday, August 10, 2013

back to school traditions

I can hardly believe my little girl is going to kindergarten. So with kindergarten starting, we decided to have a fun girls afternoon. We grabbed Amigos lunch- both of our favorites.

We hit up Target for school supplies. She was so excited to get her supplies.

Then we headed to Sparkle Salon for a back to school haircut.

I talked her out of a "pixie dust cut" - I have no idea what that is but I convinced her an inch or two cut off with layers would be cute!

Then this mom (who really wanted a pedicure) decided to start a back to school tradition- the two of us getting pedicures. A List Salon is cheaper than most- only $29 for both of us. Not gonna lie, I fell asleep during my pedicure. My favorite back to school tradition so far! 

Then my big girl and I hit up Yogurt Pro for a treat. 

Look at our beautiful toes. I am excited for this tradition. Now if I can get excited for my little miss to go to kindergarten. Yikes. School starts in a few days but I think I'm in denial! When did she get so big?


The Schilling's said...

I think I'm in denial with you. Addelyn is such a good mix of you and Mark & I couldn't hardly believe how much she has grown up. I love the tradition of pedicures- think I might just make that my own! Happy start of school. Miss you friend!

Becky Bartlett said...

Love this tradition day! So glad you had this time with A! :)

Aunt Jill said...

Love this! What a special mother/daughter day! Can't believe Addelyns in kindergarten- what?!?!