Saturday, August 10, 2013

mini vacation

This summer we planned a short little "vacation" to Des Moines. We have decided that having kids this age- it doesn't matter where we go or how long but we will take a mini vacation at least once a year- hopefully twice (one winter/one summer). 

Using some sweet credit card rewards, I booked a 2 room suite with a whirlpool. The kids were so pumped about riding the elevator to our room. Oh the little things!

Our one dinner out (we brought a cooler with food for our meals)- eating out is always a wild card with Jace- so we chose Mexican food. We have realized this is the only way we can eat out- chips before the meal which entertains him and then the food always comes VERY fast. Otherwise, he is up and ready to run.

Addelyn LOVES eating out. Especially when we let her order queso.

The other "little things" that entertained our kids. A hotel pool and the whirlpool in our room. We offered to go out for ice cream and the kids didn't even want to- they just wanted to stay at the hotel. Here I was, trying to plan a bunch of fun stuff in Des Moines and all they wanted to do was play at the hotel. I love it.

The next day, we headed for the zoo for the day. It was a beautiful, warm day- perfect for the zoo.

I knew when we arrived at the lion car- we would have a hard time getting Jace to get back in the stroller to see the rest of the animals. I had to bribe him with fruit snacks- otherwise, he would have stayed here all day.

The giraffes- one of our faves.

They have a new "Africa exhibit" and we loved it. The kids liked the drums- they thought of our roommate Claire, who was spending her summer in Africa.

 We rode the train too. Jace loved it. It was a nice little break but I'm pretty sure it was the shortest train ride ever.

The petting zoo. The kids love this part- the germophobe in me is always a bit grossed out but I let go and have fun. This is the last stop of the day though.

Feeding the fish, we didn't even have to buy food- just pick up stuff off the ground that all the little kids dropped.

We splurged at the end of the day- either a camel ride or face painting. Addelyn said face painting. 

Pretty cute!

I would have never guessed Jace would have chosen to get it done too- but he saw a tractor and was all about it. That tractor lasted on his arm for weeks and weeks and weeks. He freaked if I tried to wash it off.

Last stop of the day, ice cream. What a fun little mini vacation for our family. I absolutely love the un-interrupted time with my people. 

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