Saturday, August 3, 2013

the bday party

The night before Jace's party Kathy and I had some fun getting things ready. I worked hard on his cake, remember I have a cake thing. I really want to make my kid's cakes- too bad I am not a master decorator:) I also have great plans and things seem to go downhill, usually last minute.

I had fun with his cake this time and I think it ended up turning out great, if I do say so myself! It helped that all I had to do was make it look like dirt and mud and corn and then throw a tractor on top. Whatever works! This kid might have a tractor cake every year!

The party arrived, along with it- Preggo little sister and Uncle Levi. My kids love these two so much. Can't wait for their little person to arrive!

The party in the backyard!

The birthday boy opening presents. Most common 2nd birthday present for Jace= a tractor. Who would have guessed? 

Big sis was always up and in the middle of the action. Welcome to this two year old's life!

Blowing out candles.

Love this little Punky (my nickname for my boy) that somehow showed up one day and seems to come out of my mouth often.

Seems about right that you would eat your second birthday tractor cake with the loader of a tractor! Perfect! What a fun and special birthday party for our little guy.

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