Saturday, August 31, 2013

Welcome Lillian Grace!

On August 12th, a beautiful baby girl made her way into the world. My sister and her hubby had their baby, Lillian Grace. I can't tell you how excited and thankful I am for this beautiful little girl. I love her so much already. I only wish they live closer so I could cuddle her more often. 

We drove down to the hospital on her second day of life to greet her. It was a short stay- a two year old at 7 pm at night in a hospital room = not a good idea! My kids were super excited about Lillian though.

This little girl was MORE than super excited. She was giddy!!! Baby love!

A family picture with our new niece and cousin!

These proud parents- they had a rough few days leading up to this baby being born. My sis is such a strong woman- she rocked that labor. Yikes. Ask her if you want to hear a crazy labor story sometime! Just thankful that both her and Lily are doing great now.

We made tshirts for the kids and a onesie for Lily.

When this little girl was a week old, Addelyn and I went to visit and help out. We had to see more of this little sweetie.

My sis- what a beautiful mom! Inside and out!

Marvin and Lora happened to come at the same time. So family picture time!

She was so wide awake and alert. Such a sweet little baby!

Look at the love in this picture!

Addelyn takes the role of being a "big cousin" very seriously.

So much love for this little peanut!

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