Tuesday, March 29, 2011

imagination movers

Jill and Levi gave us the gift of tickets to Imagination Movers for being a part of their special wedding day. We went to it in Ames on Sunday at the end of the big wedding weekend. We were all a little tired but the show woke us up!

Addelyn LOVES this tv show on Disney. It is four men that jump and dance around a lot and solve problems- they "brainstorm!" We have their CD so Mark, Addelyn, and I know all of the songs by heart! Addelyn was sooooo excited for the show. She kept saying, "Nina will be there!" (Nina is the Imagination Mover's neighbor on the show.) Oh and Nina was there, thank goodness!

It started out with the people from Choo Choo Soul. For those of you Disney Junior watchers, you know who I'm talking about! They had some sweet dance moves.

Addelyn wasn't sure what to think at first about the whole deal. She sat pretty quietly.

But then she started getting into it. She is pretty excited about being able to snap her fingers.

There they are- the Imagination Movers! Oh and Warehouse Mouse was there too...another highlight for Addelyn.

I wish I could have gotten better pics or videos of the dancing and jumping we did! We had a great time at the show. Except for the toddler behind me that kept banging me over the head with his light saber. Funny how life changes and within a few years you go from going to watch live music with your hubby to spending an afternoon with screaming kiddos, watching grown men sing and dance to goofy songs. Ahh the things we do for kiddos! Thanks Aunt Jill and Uncle Levi for such a fun gift! We had a great time!

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Becky Bartlett said...

What fun!!! Give Mark some serious props for attending the concert with you ladies!! :)