Monday, March 21, 2011

What in the world?!?!

Tonight we got our new photo album in the mail for 2010. I made one on Snapfish - figuring it was a better idea than printing off 5000 pics like I have done the last few years. We sat down as a family to look through it and Addelyn loved it. In one picture, she has her shirt caught on her head and her eyes open wide and is making a funny face. She could NOT stop laughing at herself in this picture. Finally she said, "What in the world!? I just don't know......(laughing hard)....I just don't know!....Sometimes I just don't know Mom!"

Last night on our way home from our busy wedding weekend (more to come later about that), Addelyn sneezed. She said to herself, "Bless my little ole sore." Mark and I couldn't stop laughing. My Grandma Stewart always says after a sneeze, "Bless your big ole soul!" and so sometimes I say that to Addelyn. She almost had the saying, not quite!

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