Thursday, March 3, 2011

you're welcome

It is at dinner time when Addelyn often says the funniest things.

Can't remember why but tonight at dinner Mark told Addelyn thank you. She responded with, "You are welcome."
Then she sat quietly, thinking for a minute.
"It is in March that we need to say you are welcome."
Again, she sat and thought as Mark and I looked at each other, trying not to laugh.
"It is also in March that we take down our hearts."

Gotta love the brain of a three year old!


Dave said...

ha -ha -ha... At L & P time this week we said "goodbye" to February and "hello" to March. Then we took the hearts down off the calendar and put clovers on together :) Cracks me up when kids pull out what they are learning!!

Dave said...

oops, that is me, Jess, not Dave :)