Tuesday, March 8, 2011

my child

From the mouth of Addelyn (a few weeks ago and I forgot to put it down!):

She was up in her room, having "quiet time." These days Addelyn is not napping every day so what I do is have her get ready as if it is nap time, she gets to pick one or two toys and some books, and then she has to stay in bed to read/play. Every few days she passes out and actually naps- some days she just plays. It is working out well and is good for her and for me to have that time! While I'm downstairs, I turn on the moniter and enjoy hearing her conversations. She often is talking to her babies/feeding/dressing them.

The other day she spent time "talking" on her play phone. I loved hearing her conversations with the person she was "talking" with. I couldn't stop laughing when I heard her say, "Well, I have to get going now. My child is yelling so she must be awake."

Ha ha ha ha................oh my child.

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