Thursday, March 24, 2011

wedding weekend

Crazy, my little sis is married! We had such a GREAT weekend. Everything was wonderful. I got to go down to DSM on Thursday with my mom and spent a few days with Jill getting ready for the wedding. Others joined us along the way too to help decorate and do last minute things. We had lots of fun getting things organized, decorated, and ready to go! Mark and Addelyn were both in the wedding (usher and flowergirl). They came down on Friday- Mark really took care of Addelyn all weekend so I could be focused on being there for my sis! I was so thankful for that.
Addelyn and Autumn were the two flowergirls- they did such a great job. They had a blast running around together all weekend.

Rehearsal - Addelyn didn't understand the concept that she needed to sit down when she was done walking down the aisle. She liked to stand up with Jill and Levi and be in the center of attention. We had to work on that! The wedding went well- it only took a little coaxing from me to get her to go sit down!

Practicing walking down the aisle. They loved it. Parker was the ring bearer and he was such a cutie! He called Autumn and Addelyn "his girls."

At the rehearsal dinner- Tanner and I cheesing for the camera. The dinner was amazing. We ate at Greenbriar restaurant in Johnston and Mark said it was one of the top meals he has had in a long time!

My Mom and Lora on wedding day- they both looked beautiful!

My poor sis- she didn't feel the greatest on the morning of her wedding day but she hung in there! She started feeling better before the ceremony which we were all so thankful for. She looked absolutely beautiful.

The cutest little flower girls ever!

Our family picture- gotta love the 28 week preggo belly in a bridesmaid dress.

Jill and the cuties

My sis and I before the big moment

On the party bus with the Schwarck couple. I am so thankful to have Levi as an official part of our family now. He is a great guy- we couldn't be happier for Jill. They have been together SOOO LONG so now they finally get to live in the same place and start their life together!

The bridesmaids

The first dance for the couple

Crazy to think it was just about five years ago that I married the love of my life!


The Schilling's said...

Love, Love the pictures. Jill looks beautiful and SO do YOU!! :) I've missed seeing your prego belly lady!!!

Bridget said...

I hear you....I was 28 week preggo my sister's wedding too! Its not a day I want to remember about myself!!

Becky Bartlett said...

Beautiful pictures of all of you!! Looks like a fun weekend!