Wednesday, March 30, 2011

my artists

I hope Addelyn takes after her dad and has a creative side. I'm much more of a left brained type and have never had much artistic talent. It is okay, I can admit it! Mark on the other hand, is a talented artist. This is one of his secrets- he doesn't often sit down and spend time drawing but when he does he always comes up with amazing art. So he put his talents to good use this past week and drew a picture for Waterloo Center for the Art's "Come As You Art," which is a fundraiser for their educational programs. He had a small canvas to fill and I think it was tough working with a small space but he did great. The best part was watching both him and Addelyn hard at work on their art- so sweet!

(Of course, baby had to join in too.........Addelyn doesn't do too many activities these days without baby!)

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