Saturday, March 23, 2013

last day of the trip

Last San Francisco blog post.....Wednesday morning was beautiful. We slept in again (8 am!) and packed up and headed for the Bart (which is kind of like a subway). We were switching hotels so our last night could be right next to the airport (we would be flying back to Iowa at 6 am the next morning). So we decided to get our luggage dropped off and get situated so we could have the whole day to explore. After checking in to our airport hotel, we headed back to the city. We first went to the Civic Center/United Nations Plaza area- there was a farmers market going on. I absolutely love this atmosphere. Lots of unique people and lots of tasty samples. From there, my sweet husband headed back to the Tenderloin with me so I could have authentic Indian food for lunch (I'm kind of obsessed.) He actually enjoyed it- although he'll barely admit it. 

We did some more stopping in random shops and various exploring of San Francisco and then we headed to North Beach to meet up with Jen and Markus for coffee one last time. We met some of the people they are ministering to and had a Dirty Chai (this is a tasty little concoction) as we chatted. Then Markus walked us to the Bart station so we could head to Mark's choice activity of the vacation- the Golden State Warriors game in Oakland. 

The area around the Arena was a bit shady but it was fun to head into the game. Neither of us have ever been to a NBA game so that was fun. Plus, the Golden State Warriors won! Mark found some good tickets for us so our seats were great. Nice job honey (pays to work at a ticket company huh?)

So funny- the lady in front of us kept passing out. We got quite a kick out of it. So this is what it looks like when I narc out huh? 

Well, San Francisco.....we had fun! Vacations like this don't happen often and I am guessing as the kids get older, it will happen even less as we'll want to vacation with them too. We were so blessed to have this time together. We are so thankful for our families for helping make it happen (tickets, babysitting our kiddos, etc!) One thing I came away from our trip, being strongly reminded of- time away with my husband and no kids is EXTREMELY important for our marriage! Those of you married peeps- remember this! I'm not talking about needing to go to San Francisco or anywhere special- just making time to date. In the stage of little kids, it is so hard to make this a priority. Sometimes it doesn't seem worth the work it takes to make it happen (the work on either side of it, let alone being away!) But I realize how important it is that Mark and I will be able to still have fun together- someday when the babies are grown and they leave us to ourselves again! So we WILL continue to make this a priority. Fun times. Glad we went!

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