Saturday, March 23, 2013

wine time!

San Francisco....continued.....After our Muir Woods stop for the morning, we headed into wine country to our first winery. The first one was all sparkling wines. We got to see the cellar where wine was stored after it was made. The countryside was beautiful and it was a different kind of "farm country" to see.

After the first winery, we headed to Sonoma Plaza for lunch. It was a cool little square area with shopping and restaurants. We went to a great little cafe and sat out in the sun and ate our lunch. It was never hot while in California- but with layers on- and when in the sun- it felt great being outside. We enjoyed a fun date lunch together and then headed back to the bus for two more winery stops.

Here is the next winery- where we got to hear about how wine is made. This was my favorite stop for the learning side of things- we learned a ton about the process of how wine is made.

Doesn't that background almost look like it isn't real? 

The last stop was where they gave us LOTS of different tastes. We had a personal helper, Frank- that kept telling us everything we should eat in Iowa with certain wines (which he would then pour into our glasses.) It got to the point where we had to dump it out when he wasn't looking, so that we could both walk out of there! HA!

After the last stop, we went to the town of Sausalito and got to see the quaint little city for a bit. Then we jumped on the ferry back to San Francisco, which was a different way to come into the city. It was great and a good change after being in the bus during the day. The cool wind felt great on our faces- we sat right in the front of the ferry and cuddled. I felt like I was dating my husband- we all need moments like these, right?

After such a full day, we were beat. In fact, we ordered some tasty pizza from North Beach and relaxed in the hotel that night. I am pretty sure I was sleeping by 9 pm which never happens (I won't even say how early Mark fell asleep)!

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Becky Bartlett said...

SO glad you guys got to do this!!