Saturday, March 23, 2013

san francisco trip part one

Mark and I were excited to go to San Francisco in February. We had such a great trip. We spent a few days with our good friend Markus and also got to meet his wonderful new wife, Jen. They were great hosts. We flew in on Saturday night and hung out together. They had a little goodie basket set out for us. When we woke up on Sunday morning, it was beautiful weather. We sat outside on their porch in the sun and enjoyed a HUGE German breakfast. After that, we did some exploring in the city and it was a gorgeous day. I have been to San Francisco many times but this was the first time for Mark. So of course, we had to do some of the touristy options- so he could see the city! This is one of my favorite cities in the world so I absolutely loved seeing it all again.

Views from Markus and Jen's place. You could walk out of their place and see many gorgeous views of San Francisco.

We started at the Wharf. Gotta love Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco- touristy but fun.

Alcatraz in the background.

The good ole sea lions. They are such funny animals. I kept thinking about how much Addelyn would have laughed at them as they wrestled and cuddled. 

A beautiful site, the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.

We didn't even ride a cable car- just a photo opportunity!

We had lunch with Markus and Jen at Boudin, which is where San Francisco sourdough bread is made. I had never eaten there before, despite walking by this place hundreds of times! They even had bread in different shapes, again I thought of the kids when I saw this! I even had the famous Clam Chowder.

Do I even need to explain this place? We went in for about three different free chocolate samples.

Lombard Street- the famous curvy street in San Francisco. 

Chinatown- this place is always bustling with people and is a completely different atmosphere than other parts of the city. For example, there is a shop where you can buy your own live chicken to be slaughtered in front of you! We had to go in the many shops to find some souvenirs for the kids. 

Here is one of the many swords that Mark wanted to buy Jace. That was a battle I won. Our 1 1/2 year old did not get a sword from San Francisco! Sorry buddy.

The view from the top of Telegraph Hill by Markus and Jen's apartment. They live in North Beach and it is an amazing, peaceful part of the city. I love North Beach- lots of cute cafes and gelato places. Dang it- I never had gelato though!

These pictures were taken from the top of Coit Tower, which is seriously blocks away from Markus and Jen's apartment. Mark and I went up there to watch the sunset on Sunday night after a full day of walking the city (we seriously walked miles- it was great- exercise, beautiful sites, great conversations with friends, and lovely weather.) I honestly couldn't think of the last time I had spent a whole day doing something like that-without kids. It was a really nice day of letting my brain be in adult mode (but of course, I thought of my kids all day- everything reminded me of them!)

This is Coit Tower at night- so close to their place. (If you watch the show The Bachelor, you would remember that Jake had a date up there. Not that I watch that crap.)

The other views at night from their apartment. 

Beautiful city!!! More to come....

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