Sunday, March 31, 2013


Sometimes there are moments I really don't want to forget! Here are a few of the latest.....

*Jace loves books! Sometimes it will get quiet and I'll get nervous about what he is up to. I'll peak into a room and he'll be sitting looking at books. How sweet. Playing with tractors is usually the other option- or standing on the counter, pouring out drinks- or playing in the toilet. Not always so sweet but we'll focus on the good stuff on the blog, right?

*The kiddos are sharing a room now. We had a few rough nights but overall, it is going really well. Addelyn was coming in our room every night for the last few months and no one was sleeping well! Now, other than one night in the last few weeks- she has stayed in her own room, all night. It is a new routine for bed and in the morning but it is good. I love that it will help to grow their relationship too.

*The best moment, putting the kids to bed the other night- I was rocking Jace and Addelyn was laying in her bed. They were both giggly but I was trying to calm everyone down. Jace is quite the clown and that is a story in itself- when we rock him- he is always trying to get us to laugh. He'll put his face right up next to yours and stare at you with his grin until you respond or stick his nose in your eyeball. Finally, the giggles stopped and the room was quiet. Jace had his little head on my shoulder. Out of the blue, in the silence, Jace sings, "Gangnam style...."

*Jace doesn't call Addelyn by her name- he calls her "Seester." He loves her so much.

*On the way to preschool a lot of mornings, we'll spontaneously pray for the day- for people- etc. I'm trying to naturally pray throughout the day with my kids, outloud- when the moments come up. The other day, I got a station all ready at our table to read about the Easter story and then color Easter eggs. Addelyn got so excited when she walked into the room and saw everything set out. We sat down and before we started- she exclaimed, "Thank you, Mom, for setting this up! Thank you God, for letting me do fun stuff with my Mom!" I love that she is learning that you can talk to God anytime, anywhere!

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Becky Bartlett said...

Love it. And love you teaching about prayer in this way!!