Saturday, March 23, 2013

muir woods

I am posting about our San Francisco trip in a few posts- I have too many great pictures to share and lots of memories to get typed! On the Monday of our trip, we decided to try a Muir Woods/Sonoma Wine Tour. It was a bit of a wild card but ended up being awesome! When Mark and I go on vacations, we each get to "pick" one activity we really want to do. Mine was this tour. Although I have been to San Francisco a lot, I have never been to wine country. I wanted to experience it, especially since who knows when I'll be back in this area of the country again. Early in the morning, we jumped in a small tour bus and rode over the Golden Gate bridge to Muir Woods. We had time to explore on our own in Muir Woods which was peaceful and amazing. We loved it. 

Sorry about all of the scenic pictures but it was crazy how tall and huge these trees were! I loved this time in Muir Woods. 

How small we look gives you a bit of a glimpse of how big the trees are!

This was a perfect start to our tour day. Our tour guide actually was a really down to earth, good guy named Mark. Had a wife and kiddo and was doing this job because he honestly loved meeting the people and knowing the history. He shared tons of interesting history of San Francisco and the area while we were driving. He was funny but not annoying. We sat up front so we had lots of conversations with him and he was great. Really helped make the day. Wine tour pictures yet to come!!!!

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