Tuesday, February 5, 2013

go panthers!

We headed to a Panthers game as a family in December. Nights out like this don't happen often. Usually we split- I'll stay home with Jace and Mark will do something with Addelyn. Or I'm home with the kiddos while he goes to a game with the guys. So this was a fun change for us. The bonus, I even got some family pictures snapped!

Addelyn was so excited about her Panther's tattoo!

These are my very special boys.

And my special, sweet girl.

I have great in-laws. They were up for the weekend so they got to join us for the game.

These two love each other so much. 

We got to sit up in Mark's bosses' suite. It was perfect for a toddler. He could run but couldn't get away! The only possible way I'd take him to a game at this point. Plus, he loved the popcorn. A win-win!

What a fun night cheering on the Panthers. Hope we get to head to another game this season.

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