Monday, February 11, 2013

christmas morning

Here begins our Christmas morning blog post! Another day of traditions being built. Everyone has three gifts to open, a special tradition in itself that I borrowed a few years back from my friend Jess. Modeling after the gifts that the three wise men brought Jesus. We open a gift that is fun, a gift that helps you grow, and a gift that is practical. I love teaching the meaning behind it and also it keeps the gift buying at a reasonable place. Especially since these kids aren't wanting for ANYTHING at Christmas time. The family tends to spoil!
We also do one "Santa" gift. Addelyn knows he is pretend but we have fun with it any way- like leaving out cookies and milk and carrots for reindeer. And we do stockings.
 Notice my kiddos matching pjs, their Christmas Eve gift. I loved the ones we found on the clearance rack after Christmas last year!

Look at those sweet smiles. If I could freeze time...

Jace loved his Elmo silverware. "Melmo."

We decided to let Addelyn shop for each of us at the Dollar Tree. I want her to learn to give, not just get! She got to pick three presents each. We didn't give her any direction. I got pens, a candle, plackers, and a hairbrush (I guess I got four!) Pretty impressive actually, what she picked out. Mark got lots of candy (I think she knew which parent was a sucker to give her candy and who likes to eat it too)! Jace got a toy- and items that Addelyn would like too- like a sippy cup and bib!

One of Addelyn's presents- a pack and play! Here she is with her baby.

The train was the shared Santa gift! This train just came down (mid February!) It was months of fun for us and also took up our whole front room.

Our Christmas day consisted of present opening, hanging out in our pjs, relaxing, naps, games, and wonderful family time. A great day of celebration together- I am loving these days!

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