Thursday, February 28, 2013

family weekends

We also find a weekend around the holidays to have our Kramer family get together for Christmas. This has proved to work better than fitting 500 things into our Christmas celebration. This way- we actually get to enjoy time together. The fun part, next year it will include a baby too! (My sis, not us- before someone jumps on that!)

This year, our first celebration was cancelled because of Addelyn having the flu so we rescheduled for a shorter time, later in January. It was a great time. We got together, played games, played with the kids, and around their bedtime- headed out for dinner at Galleria de Paco. It is an awesome restaurant in downtown Waterloo where an amazingly talented artist has spray painted the Sistine Chapel in his restaurant. It is definitely an experience. Plus, the food was great. Then we went out to the casino for a bit- not really something any of us are used to or good at- so that was kind of funny. But fun to do something together! And we watched my step-brother Ben win some money in poker. I played a few penny slot machines. That is about all I can handle of throwing my money away!

That night, an ice storm hit and everyone got iced in at our house all day Sunday, with church being cancelled. We had a blast- made food, played cards, Xbox Kinect, and napped the afternoon away. Time with family is lovely. 

Also, best story ever about this picture! Addelyn saw it and said, "Mom, why did you guys take a picture with a penis on Aunt Jiller's head?" That girl. Makes me laugh.

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