Wednesday, February 6, 2013

celebrating with my mom

I am finally updating my blog from our Christmas celebrations. We had our first one mid-December with my mom. We went there on a Friday night and spent the night. 

It was fun hanging out together and enjoying time.

Grandma Stew always spoils!

Addelyn got in on the "sock tradition" this year. Jill buys us all a matching pair of socks and last year Addelyn was sad not to get a pair- in fact, I believe there were tears! So this year, she was PUMPED about her cool reindeer socks.

Look who got matching vests too!

Who needs presents when there is wrapping paper and bows???

The sad part of our celebration, my mom woke up sick on Saturday morning. Such a bummer. We ended up going home earlier than planned- I felt so bad for her! That dang flu season, it always hits at the wrong times!

Jace loved peaking over the TV at everyone. Always trying to make people laugh.
We had a great time being together, even though it was too short!

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