Thursday, February 28, 2013

hoskinson christmas weekend

I am still catching up on the blogging! Christmas updates, almost done. Almost.

We spend a weekend with Hoskinsons around the Christmas time but usually not on the actual date. This allows Matt's family and our family to be in Perry at the same time and enjoy some time together. It is great. The kids absolutely love it. They have a lot of fun playing together.

Addelyn had Stompeez on her list this year. Slippers that when you jump, their ears go up. Go figure, they were some of the hardest items to find, ha! Good job Kathy!

Looking over the special yearly calendar with Papa Tom.

The boys and their "boy toys!"

Jace and Addelyn got bikes for Christmas. This little boy could sit on his bike all day. He can't wait til he can reach the pedals.

Yes, we have a cuddler. And Ty is such a good big cousin- humoring Jace and all his loving and following around.

Papa Dar is ALWAYS playing with the kids! They love it.

Nonnie Kathy planned a cookie decorating contest. Everyone had fun decorating their cookie. Some of us took more time on it than others!

This picture pretty much sums this kid up. Love him.

Here are the cookies. Some of them were not edible after the contest!

Papa Dar outside with the kiddos. I looked out the window once and he was laying in the snow, with three kids on top of him. They were all laughing. I love it.

Here I was trying to be the cool aunt and I made green "Hulk" pancakes for the kids. (Really for Trae and I'm not sure if he ever even ate it!) The thought counts right?

We got to see Grandpa Dean before going home. Here is a generation picture that will be treasured forever.

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