Monday, February 4, 2013

first christmas program

Addelyn had her first ever Christmas program for preschool this year. Here is her sweet teacher, Mrs. Knapp. We just love her. The program was so cute- watching the kiddos sing. Addelyn LOVED the song, "What Can I Give Him?" She still sings it, often and LOUDLY for us. We have had many pretend Christmas programs at our house since then. She also loved dressing up.

Can you find her in the midst of all the kids?

Now for this kid, aggh! Note to self: don't assume a toddler will "make it through" a 30 minute program. The whole time he was antsy and cranky and just wanted to run. We had talked about getting a sitter for him but I went with the fact that many little people would be there and it would be fine! Yeah, this little guy was not impressed! I even broke out M&Ms to bribe him. Ah the things you'll do to make it work. 
We closed down the night with a snowstorm (a bummer because none of the grandparents could come watch!)

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